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See the latest surf adventure news from XL Surfing Academy which remains as one of the Sunshine Coast’s premier surfing schools.

Getting out the back easily

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The best waves for surfers are the unbroken waves out the back. Getting out the back while paddling on a large board will require the surfer to use the eskimo…

Paddling: the first skill to learn

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Paddling is an essential part of riding waves. Surfers need to be traveling the same speed as the wave to have a chance of catching and riding the wave. Find…

Keep your cool and learn the rules

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Respect goes along way in the surf. Surfing is a very popular activity here on the Sunshine Coast. Learn the rules by reading the full article here.

Read ocean, then head out

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Learning to spot a rip and tell what winds and tides will do to the surf are basic skills. Find out more by reading the full article on read ocean,…

Minimal equipment, maximum thrills

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Surfboards new and old, of all shapes and sizes and variety of fin, are available across the Sunshine Coast. There's bound to be one to suit you and your needs.…

Surfing: it’s a beach culture

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Feeling the water and hearing the waves can refresh and rejuvenate. Then there is paddling out over the waves, leaving all your troubles behind. It's all about you and the…